The new album ‘Broken Pieces’ is available now.

Go to High Wire Records, to order your copy.

TheDeepState are excited to announce that they have signed with new Label High Wire Records.
The first two releases are ‘Communicator’ and ‘Love Song’ taken from the forthcoming album, ‘Broken Pieces’.
High Wire brings the same aesthetic for quality and authentic music to releases, as its parent label Vintage League Music (VLM).
The album will be released on all formats at the beginning of 2023.

The Deepstate have combined the psychedelic soul of 1970s Tina Turner, The Temptations, Betty Davis and Jimi Hendrix, with progressive influences featuring Moog synths, Mellotron and expansive atmospheric soundtracks.

Michelle Jones, Ralph Cardall and James Sedge are no strangers, having played together back in the 1990s in a band called Wonderlust that played the London circuit gaining a great reputation between 1996-1999. Some of the ‘Broken Pieces’ songs were written back then and the band feel that they now have the life and playing experience to really do them justice. The three of them spent the last 20 years keeping in touch, but working separately. The Pandemic brought them back together for a new collaboration.
Ralph and James had started the deepstate during the first lockdown in 2020 working on 3 predominantly instrumental albums. Michelle got in touch in late 2021 and started working on more songs that would reflect her life. ‘Broken Pieces’ is a deeply personal album for Michelle touching on love, loss, race, and celebration.

Michelle Jones

This album is reflective in a positive way. There is a mélange of emotions and feelings throughout. The songs are factual and have given me a natural way to express myself. Being a breast cancer survivor, a witness to mental health issues within my own family, a friend, a lover, and a victim of racism, this album is truly autobiographical expressing many shifts in my own journey. The album has developed organically over the last 25 years, as life experience has shaped both the lyrics and the sound.”

The DeepState are also thrilled to have had ‘Communicator’ remixed by The Anchoress.

James Sedge , drummer with theDEEPstate is part of a project called MILKBONE, featuring himself, Phil Scragg and Matt Berry.

Milkbone the album is available on CD from from the 4 March 2022 Phil Scragg – bass, keyboards, guitar Matt Berry – keyboards, guitar James Sedge – drums, percussion

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TheDeepSTATE back catalogue is available for download and streaming on Spotify and Bandcamp.

There are three albums consisting of sung and instrumental music. Plus a selection of E.P.s

‘ The Dead Are Rising’. A biting musical satire narrated by voice actor Marcus Dillon. More of his work can be found here: aureliusvo

Mean Red Day is the first single off the second studio album by theDeepState, ‘Mysinformation Highway Pt2’.

The first single off the debut album, Mysinformation Highway Part 1. ‘Door to the Dome’. Co-written and sung by Tomas Doncker

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